Friday, February 24, 2012

our happy little guy!

At 18 months John is so much fun! He is quickly picking up new words and new signs. He learned the sign for "help" after the first time I signed it and it has made life sooo much easier and less frustrating for him! He has started to say what sound like sentences such as..."where'd it go?"

He loves to watch Curious George, he still likes spicy food, gets super silly around people and his favorite game is being chased! He picks up large items like laundry baskets, boxes or his fire truck and carries them around the house. Sometimes, even up a few stairs! He loves when daddy puts him to bed and reads books with him and he has a stack of books in his bed which he reads before going to sleep or after waking up. He knows where things belong and is pretty particular about putting them there when he sees things out of place!

he loves piling things in his wheel barrow and wheeling them all over the house!
we love this little guy!!!

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  1. UGHHHH I soo wish we lived closer so we could play with him!!!