Monday, November 28, 2016

Advent begins!

I know lots of us our in that similar life stage of being moms with young kids and trying to survive each day feels like enough. When we get to weeks or months of holidays it can feel exhausting or stressful. It is easy to compare celebrations or define the only way to celebrate but there is freedom to define the way our individual families worship and make Jesus the center of our home during the holidays. I want to encourage you to continue or change your celebrations so that they are worshipful, joyful, life-giving and point you to the Savior!!!

Every year I hear moms stressed out over how to teach their young children about the Advent season. There are so many blogs with crafts and events to teach kids about Jesus and Christmas that it can get overwhelming. It is hard to find a devotion to read with children and teach them while cuddling up or putting the to bed that connects the Gift of Jesus to their everyday. We have done a few with our kids that we loved but it wasn't much different than the readings from their children's bible we did during other months of the year.

My hope is to give you a break from crafts if you need it, not add more event calendars to your already busy month and to give you something short and simple to read with your kids that breathes life and hope into your celebrations this month!

Kids are so aware of getting presents on Christmas morning. It can be easy for that to be disconnected from celebrating Jesus during the Advent season. I wanted to connect those two celebrations easily for my children and help them understand what I already knew...why we give gifts to each other during Christmas.

Starting December first I will post a new entry for you to read with your kids that expands a child's view of gifts! Starting in the beginning with creation and introducing gifts such as life, food, family, individuality, joy, forgiveness and Jesus.

I would love to have you join my kids and I as we celebrate the gifts God gives us in His son Jesus!!!

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