Monday, February 13, 2017

Messy Mondays: The Bed

I love organization, everything having a home. When you put something away and need it an hour later or a day later you know exactly where it is. It removes chaos and additional time on wild goose chases hunting that spiderman sock, the purple sunglasses or the left tennis shoe!

Our kids are great at picking up messes when reminded it is a constant conversation as they run around toys, books, clothes in hand and like a tornado leave them in a maze of a path all over the house.

So I have chosen specific areas to focus on...

Shoes go by door
Books go on the shelf
Clothes go in drawer

Those are the things I say on repeat hoping that they will sink in and when they become a habit I will give them a new area to master. For many people a made bed is on their priority list but for me it is not. In this season we climb into bed often throughout the day to read stacks of books, the kids snuggle in my bed and watch a show so I can shower, they have rest time with books and toys in their bed each afternoon and in those fit-throwing-need-an-attitude-change moments in between they are sent to their beds to calm down.

Our beds are a place of rest and comfort for them, though not always for me. This week my bed is being shared by little people who fling their arms around my neck at midnight, kick their legs over me at 2 a.m. and sneak in at 3 a.m. to scream themselves back to sleep. It isn't so restful and it is messy. But I am choosing to see the beauty in the mess: the snuggles, the calm quiet of the dark, the joy of stacks of books read, Lego played with, and audio books listened to. Sharing life with kids is messy and it stretches me daily to choice joy in the midst of chaos!

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