Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Simple Joys

It's not.most days we get to be one vacation, have an afternoon free of commitments, buy a really expensive new pair of shoes or get weekly date night. Joy isn't always something big but I've been looking at regular, ever day moments and noticing so many joy jewels tucked away in 30 seconds here or 5 minutes there. It's easy for me to fill my schedule so full of people, errands, and tasks that there aren't free moments to watch my kids interact or time to let our imaginations run wild. This summer as we wrap up school I am looking forward to intentionally planning for joy in our days!

Here are the glimpses of joy I have noticed lately... what are the moments you have noticed in your life?

My 4 year old drawing her brother and his curly hair!!!

Sunshine and outside play in February, rare for Ohio and soooo amazing!

My 2 year old holding this worm and making a "ssss" sound to what it is.

Drinking out of mason jars

Pink tulips on my table

My daughter belting songs with her eyes closed

The sun shining in my window...Sun, seriously!

A best friend driving 4 hrs roundtrip for 8 chaotic, normal life hours of time spent

Fact: My kids LOVE going to the doctor (oh, and they love the suckers.they get there)!

My daughter getting herself dressed

My 5 year old calling himself the trash man and developing his own system to emptying all our trash ( I don't get credit, He's just that cool!)

Building Lego

Vacations where we ride bikes or walk everywhere!!!

Family dance parties

Sometimes it is just one thing a day and other days there are many joyful moments crammed into one hour. Hope you find a few smiles naturally beaming in your house today!!!



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