Friday, December 2, 2016

Advent Day 2: The gift of Creation

Hebrews 11:3 "For by faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God."

Do all the flowers in your yard look the same? What about the trees? They all have brown trunks and green on top but is it the same color brown? Is it the same color green? Do the shapes of the leaves and the trees look different? Have you ever noticed how even the rocks are different colors? When you wake up in the morning are the clouds always white? Sometimes the sky is painted orange, pink, purple, fiery red and yellow! Do you go on trips with your family and see the landscape change? There are hills to roll down, mountains to climb, flat fields to run through. Lakes and oceans to jump in and swim and creeks to wade through!
Genesis tells us that God created the heavens and the earth. He created them to give Himself glory, even creation shows how special God is. The world is like a big painting showing us how amazing the painter is. Is your favorite color pink? God painted those bright pink clouds in the sky just for you! Do you love to climb things? God built those mountains for you to climb! God wants you to see Him when you look at the world and He wants you to enjoy Him as you enjoy playing on His earth.  The books of Acts tells us he created the seasons. What if it was always winter? Always cold, and gray? Maybe you would love it because you love playing in the snow! But you would never see beautiful colors painted in the sky or feel cold, wet mud squish between your toes after a rainstorm!
God shows us His creativity by using different colors in the trees and flowers. Do you like the feel of rough tree bark or smooth stones? Do you like the warmth of summer or the cold of winter? God uses the summer to bring forth fruit on trees, vegetables in the ground and new life in the animal kingdom. God uses the winter to give plants and trees rest so they can work again in the spring. Winter gives you a new playground with sledding and snowman building and ice skating. God created that change. God created the world as a gift for you to play in and work in, for you rest in and see Him in.
The world around us reminds us how small we are compared to the vast ocean. It reminds us that God loves us so much more than a tiny pebble in your driveway. God painted colors in the flowers to bring you joy that would make you smile. He created new mountains and fields and lakes for you to explore and find Him. Find the creator. Find joy, and peace and see with your own eyes how lovely a gift was given to you. Only someone who loved you would create such a beautiful gift for you to play in and live!

Continue the conversation:

Go for a walk outside and talk about what God created. Ask your kids what colors they see and where their favorite place to play in nature is!

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