Sunday, January 29, 2017

Smiling not surviving!!!

Do you find yourself wanting a treat at the end of the day? Like payment for a job well done?!

Worked out...check.
Made grocery list...check.
Made three different breakfasts all to order...check.
Kept kids alive...check.
Got 3 kids down for rest time...check.
Folded and put away 5 baskets of laundry...check.
Brushed kids teeth...check.
Taught 2-year-old to count...check.

At the end of our days we are exhausted. Physically from being up for long hours on our feet, emotionally from teaching little ones how to experience their emotions and communicate well, spiritually from being lonely or having little time to ourself. Often this exhaustion can lead us to a place of defeat. We see all the unaccomplished tasks, we see the times we lost our patience or chose to look at our phones instead of a face...we finish the day seeing our failures. We sink into the couch in an last ditch effort for me time and pour a glass of wine or scoop a bowl of ice cream as if to reward ourselves for surviving the day.

But, what if our glass of wine at the end of the day wasn't a reward for tasks completed but a celebration?

A celebration of all that you did accomplish. A celebration of how you succeeded today despite the distractions, despite the interference, despite not finishing that task list and despite wearing heels while you vacuumed you still loved your family well.

Was patient with two-year-old when I wanted to scream...cheers!
Finally saw my six-year-old understand his screaming was an over-reaction...cheers!
Made kids a priority over task list...cheers!
Laughed with my kids...cheers!
Disciplined my kids instead of ignoring them...cheers!
Welcomed my husband home with a smile...cheers!

A celebration not of surviving but of smiling alongside your kids in the midst of all the mess!

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