Monday, February 20, 2017

Why we will always read with our kids!!!

Some of the things books have taught us…

1.     Attention span
I have a three-year-old, five-year-old and a six-and-a-half year-old. Their ability to sit and listen to books is not the same but reading books has grown their ability to sit quietly and listen. Reading during breakfast and lunch gives them extra motivation to stay at the table and eat. It helps give them focus when they are distracted and aimless.

2.     Facts about specific subjects
There are so many great STEM picture books for kids that give them facts in a story telling style and introduce them to weather, animals, history and physics using correct terminology.  fit We don’t always read picture books sometimes we read Wikipedia pages and let them ask questions about what they are interested in. When we are able to explore their interests it gives them an appetite to learn and to listen and to discover and eventually to read for themselves!

3.     Vocab words
I don’t simplify the words I read the big ones and then pause to ask them what they mean. They often can tell me because they are learning the words in context. I frequently hear all three of my kids using words that surprise other adults (ie: calamity) and have to explain that they learned it in a book.

4.     Geography
Books take place all over the world and introduce us to animals that don’t live in our backyard, new traditions or locations my kids hadn’t heard of. We go look on the map to see where these places are or where these animals live. Books inspire new conversations and questions that allow our children to explore the world.

5.     Languages (French and Spanish)
I was never gifted in foreign language but want my children to hear and know other languages. Books help us both! We love the Fancy Nancy books for introducing French words. High Five magazine has a story article each month that includes Spanish sentences and gives the pronunciation. These books and articles use simple words that we can easily use throughout our day.

6.     Family quiet time
We are high energy, loud and active during most moments of the day which wears this mama out! Similar to all kids of various ages they all want to do something different with me at the exact time during the day. Unless, I pull out a stack of books, then everyone is “on the same page” (bad joke?!). As nap times slowly fades from our reality and bed times are a little later we still need a rhythm of rest to our days and I still need some quiet. Reading books together has become a family activity we can all enjoy together. We also use audio books when we need quiet time in separate rooms.

We read at the typical times of the day, before rest time/naps and before bed. But we also are reading during breakfast, lunch and many times in between. For us it is how we get through sick days, snow days, rainy days, sunny afternoons when we are tired from playing outside all morning, long days, airplane rides, grocery store trips, road trips…see? BOOKS!!!!


  1. Reading is so important with kids - as a teacher and now a mum, I can't stress how vital (and fun!) it is for their development. I love the idea of subject-specific content. It is such a great way to engage your child's individual and unique interests and help them become 'experts' on topics they love. Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Reading is such a big thing for us too. We jump into our big bed and all read as a family each night. Now my son reads to us which is awesome. It is so special and I love the journeys sometimes real and sometimes fantasy that we all go on.

  3. We love reading and we read at least 1 book a day if not more. My 3 year old likes to "read" to my 9 month old. I love it because while he may not be reading the words, he is interpreting and verbalizing what he sees in the pictures. Plus the baby loves it.

    1. That is such a great thing for a kid at any age to be able to do. Look at pictures and make up a store or tell the story from memory! So fun! I love hearing my kids read to their siblings too!

    2. The first time I heard my little granddaughter read was when she opened a book and said, "Horse. Horse fall down."

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  5. We love reading with our children. Our youngest doesn't make it past her bedtime bottle yet but when she does we will all climb on the bed together to read. Even though Daddy does the reading we all sit together, it is something we have done for a long time. It is great family time with no distractions and our sons vocabulary has come on so much. He now gets his favourite books, opens the pages and recites it. This is definitely going to help him with learning to read. Even when he can read himself we intend to continue to read together.

  6. Love this! We read so much that we completed our library's 1000 books before Kindergarten in 6 months. I love your points and all the love I hear in your post. #humpdayhype

  7. I especially like #6. My two-year-old granddaughter will go into her bedroom and curl up in (it's big!) her stuffed elephant and read her lift-the-flaps farm book. Such a peaceful time. Given the age of your children and your love of reading with them, I wonder if you'd consider reviewing one or more of my picture books for children. (My grandchildren have, of course, played a major role in my development as a children's book writer!) Perhaps you could take a look at my Amazon author page or my website, grandmasbookshelf(dot)net. Then please e-mail me at margaretwelwood(at)gmail(dot)com if you'd be interested in reviewing any of my book(s).
    Thanks for considering this.


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