Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Why We Love LEGO

When our oldest was a few months shy of four we had yet to find much (other than books) that held his attention, that engaged him longer than 2 minutes and inspired him to focus. He was always busy, deconstructing things (or tearing them apart whichever way you see it), wanting to be involved in all tasks and curious. He showed he was detail oriented but I somehow still had to tell him basic rules repeatedly. LEGO changed all that. As our second and third child have grown they have come to love LEGO too. I have found that it tends to be a toy mom's either love or hate, here is why we LOVE LEGO!!!

11. It gave him independence he had not been allowed to have because he tore everything in the house apart. His new creations gave him an understanding of how mommy and daddy felt about our stuff. He didn’t want his new fire trucks and airplanes broken apart. It gave us a language to speak to explain to him that he had to be responsible and careful with things.

22.     Building kits showed him how to work at something. He doesn’t like hard things even though he is an excellent problem solver. The intricacy of putting these puzzles together was a task he thought was fun which helped him push through and see his achievements.

33.      Imaginations are ignited! All our kids create airplanes, robots, Star Wars droids, a game board, motorcycles, trucks, gardens, tree-houses, towers, trains…It is an exciting thing to watch your child sit down with a pile of bricks and stand up holding a creation they invented and build on their own!

44.     LEGO has helped us learn colors, practice counting, talk about shapes, and math skills (adding, multiplication, sorting)

55.     LEGO has been a family activity for us. Something we all love to do together!

66.     In our house LEGO for our oldest offers hours (3+ often) of entertainment and activity and focus which for a tired mama is beautiful on the weekend. IT was also great when I was nursing babies because I could nurse and sit with him to play LEGO!

77.   LEGO has taught him how to clean up messes. I remember when he was 18 months and there was hundreds of Duplo scattered across the floor. He loved playing with those big, chunky blocks and although it was exhausting to teach him they had to go back in their bin, he eventually learned and now with all these tiny pieces he is excellent at finding their home.

88.     I found cards on Pinterest for creating Letters and Numbers with Duplo. It has been nice to have manipulatives that they already consider toys and are enthusiastic about playing with to use for teaching.


  1. Such a great post! Glad your kiddos are LEGO lovers, and these are all great reasons to love LEGOs!

  2. I love LEGO as a teacher - so many great lessons to be taught with it (Love that your kids could recreate their names/letters). My son is a bit young at the moment for it, but I'll definitely be investing in some when he is older! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lego is so fantastic! I love now if after we build it, it all falls apart he doesn't get upset he rebuilds it. I love that even if it isn't rebuilt exactly right he is still okay. Such a great tool for so many things.


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