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Why We Love LEGO

When our oldest was a few months shy of four we had yet to find much (other than books) that held his attention, that engaged him longer than 2 minutes and inspired him to focus. He was always busy, deconstructing things (or tearing them apart whichever way you see it), wanting to be involved in all tasks and curious. He showed he was detail oriented but I somehow still had to tell him basic rules repeatedly. LEGO changed all that. As our second and third child have grown they have come to love LEGO too. I have found that it tends to be a toy mom's either love or hate, here is why we LOVE LEGO!!!
11. It gave him independence he had not been allowed to have because he tore everything in the house apart. His new creations gave him an understanding of how mommy and daddy felt about our stuff. He didn’t want his new fire trucks and airplanes broken apart. It gave us a language to speak to explain to him that he had to be responsible and careful with things.
22.Building kits showed him …

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